Broken! Won’t let me play

Says there is a new version, but no updates available in app store. So annoying!!!

Try again. You might have been a bit too early. I was just able to update.

Here’s a bug. Newest version still has display issues.

I’ve walked more than 10,000 steps, instead of showing (+0) for me it shows (±27.3).

(And the Fit-Pts line is still way too far to the left.)

I just did, and it deleted my account!!! So mad. Can anyone help??? Old id was rypd6w

Ouch. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix that for you!

Maybe you are now playing on the wrong server? That would be an easy fix. Worth a look!

Thanks for the thought. Sadly, there are no accounts on any server. Weird! Do you know of a way to restart an account with ID?

Also my new given id is xm35be

When I started the new game in attempts to fix it

The good news is that they might be able to restore your game if they have your ID.

The bad news is that they might not.

There’s still some hope for you though. Just have to wait and see what they can do.

@eee, your account is in server 2. I’ve checked your data and it seems you didn’t connect to any 3rd party devices.

  1. Can you please connect to either Game Center or Facebook on your current account
  2. Let me know your game id

The next time you see an update, please pull down to refresh AppStore → Updates as it’s a widely known AppStore issue :frowning:

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. We’ll double check sorry for any confusion.

New: xm35be
Old: rypd6w

@eee your new server is @ server 1, can you please switch to Fit Tower and let me know your new id?

My id in fit tower- 4xjnbe

I connected to facebook as well

@eee I’ve transferred your account, please re-login. Please note that your guild/arena info cannot be carried over when we restore your data manually.

Happy walking!