Bought archer successfully but not shown

Have full team of 12.

Shouldn’t allow purchase

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Are you saying you didn’t receive purchase, or you think it’s unreasonable because you have more than 12 heroes in Dark Rush?

Part of the game tactics is to choose the best hero combination for each mode so you can swap heroes for each encounter to maximize your chance for rewards.

I already have 12 characters, but was allowed to use gems (6k) to purchase a Archer in store. I would expect a warning saying “Have reached character limit” Then provide guidance on how to remove a character. But, my purchase went thru. Thanks!

Hi Flegle, I have 16 characters so I don’t think your issue is you have too many. I’d suggest giving marspark your ID so they can look into the issue.

Hi @Flegle, can you see the archer character in heroes? You can choose which hero to add to the team in adventure/dark rush/arena modes. Having more than 12 characters doesn’t stop you to have a new character because you are free to choose who you want in your team.

If you do have issues seeing your character in the heroes’ section, please let me know your game id so we can investigate.

Thank you for your patience!