Beginner Questions - How to increase HP level

Hi everyone,

I have been using Focus Quest for 3 days now and I really like it. It helps me stay on tasks.
However, I have never play games (online, offline, PS4, XBOX,…) before so I’m struggling a bit with gaming vocabularies and navigating around the app.
Okay, this might sound like a dumb question but when I look up the Left Corner, I can see the that the HP is really low, about 30% is green.
Can anyone tell me how to increase the HP? Is it by increasing focusing time?
or do I need to purchase items?

Thanks in advance

The green bar that you are talking about is the experience bar. It gives you the percentage of accumulated experience for this level before levelling up.

As for HP increase, you can definitely increase it by levelling up (and you can only really do that by focusing). Other methods include renewing gear, conduct HP training, and getting HP glyphs.

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Thank you Bof!!!
Your explanation helps a lot :slight_smile:

Have an awesome day

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