Ayuda helpme please

hello thank you very much for your help with that I was able to recover the password of the account. but when I want to put my shikudo account in the app it doesn’t return my progress. It gives me a progress that is zero and I am afraid that I have lost everything I did in that hour
Please if someone knows how I can recover it I need help. I had to uninstall it from the other cell phone I had and install it on the new cell phone and now I can’t recover my progress my ID is pdw4zg and my username is Ailen

Hi @Ailen_Gonzalez, thank you for reaching out. Firstly I’d like to verify your ownership of pdw4zg. Do you happen to keep a screenshot of your settings page (which shows your game id)? If not, do you still remember what motivation message you put for yourself?

Can you please also send me your new game id so I can manually transfer your progress? You can send them to mars.zhu@shikudo.com for a faster response.