Arenas: league progress

By now I should’ve learned that there’s no logic in this game. But meet this kind of opponent in the league B? I battled against them in the leagues D&C & now I saw them B. Yes, their Mage has a nice kit, but it’s only one character in the battle.

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I started in June and in 4 weeks I was in I, E, D and now in C. I’m 427k with a good mage 160k. How I fight against others? I let the bigs to send me on 40th place and after i wIn 2,3 Games agains neibours. When I reach 11th place. I wait.
All people around me have 3x7stars and 4x210+, but with low gear. I have only 1x7stars but good gear. This 2 tricks will send me next week in B. :):joy:

@Skilleton that player has been progressing from league to league with ONLY one character on their team. Only ONE against 4. This puzzles me.

@Rain I’m in league b but that player is not visible to me
Strangely I can see myself twice At two different levels in league b

@Doreen Actually I’m not sure if that player is actively playing since it’s the only one in my log without a guild. It’s probably just the game algorithm moving everyone up.

(Btw, i’ve finished hell mode, & now i’m Working on the last set of 3 stars, but I think I really need to evolve my warlock :thinking: hope get enough stones on Sunday)

Ahh I see :face_with_monocle:
awesome :clap:…nearly there !

Hoho, now I see he is “the one”. Did you fight with him? Maybe he takes of heroes after each game won, to impress. Or may be he is a bot, for testing. What is his name, I don’t see him?

How do you see other people’s character stats?

@grimme Arena - Battle Log & click on a name or Arena-Rank & then a name.

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Yes, it was next one for the battle & the only one with one character in their line-up. Of cause I battled against them (I need some coins, fed up seeing my team doing nothing for 2 turns & being destroyed by an opponent much with lower level at everything) I tried going against opponents with better teams than mine hoping i might get the same results. Nope. It didn’t work that way.

@Rain is this player in your battle log now? If so please let me know which one so I can look up. I hope it’s not one of our testers who have accidentally join the arena T_T

@marspark It was in my log on Thursday. I think it was just Olaf :thinking:. If I see them again, I’ll screenshot the name.

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@marspark League B, one character at a very low level, but the player’s level is high. I wish all my opponents were like that one. Maybe I would’ve got a lovely gear set :joy:

Came across the same

Weird. I fight imsweepy regularly, and I have never seen them with only 1 character.

The league progression does mystify me. In in League B now at Level 135 and 590k.
My level puts me below everyone in the top 40 except imsweepy (who is tied with me).
The odder thing is that there is a bunch of Guard.## characters, some of which are near me in strength, and then everyone else is 630k+. And I mean everyone. The next highest character after my 590k is 630k.
Is this all those Guard characters padding out the bottom of the league and throwing everything off? I just am the unlucky one that is just below all the guard characters while everyone else is just above?

(Also, I think imsweepy might be purposely taking a bunch of losses so that they end up lower in rank, taking on guard characters, so they can earn arena points more easily.)

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I’ve seen him/her again and back to a “normal” strength
I’ve given up trying to analyse my opponents incl the guards …if someone has 2+ mages I refresh, regardless of their strength

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Actually I often win against those fancy dressed up mages. The only problem is my team couldn’t get to the top :frowning:

Now there’s no chance. The slow motion battles are so annoying, but they helping get over my addiction to the game. Now I don’t even watch the battle just checking the screen after a few minutes :joy: