Arena win award loss penalty is BS

So I beat the PC and I only get 15 points…yet when he beats me I drop 30 points? We’re in the same league. Obviously he isn’t weak as you can see in the picture. This is BS.

Well, there is an almost 100k difference in power between us…if not more. Last time I checked you were at 375k power.

Power means nothing when you smash me 3x and I get rolled when I fight you. If you can step into the ring I shouldn’t be penalized for your pets

Well yeah, the power rating doesn’t take pets, active skill ranks and some passives into account when determining power rating. I also focus on 2 strong heroes and have 2 weak heroes that are just skill adsorbs, which allows me to have a deceptive power rating

Which is why its BS. . You have wonderful pets and because of that you think it’s fair for you to get a massive bonus for a win? That’s BS

What would be your solution? Same points for defeating any foe?

After the lower tier, yes. If you beat a PC its flat…if you beat a NPC its flat but lesser. You are literally getting way more rewards for beating me and the NPCs and I’m punished because I focused on my team.

How does that seem right?

The only problem with that now i will just attack only weaker players and will never attack anyone stronger unless I have 100% win rate.

I would suggest figuring a way to include pets into power rating but i have no clue how a system would work.

The PC will still lose points if they are defeated by you. How is this system fair in your eyes?

You clearly have the better team, by far. You have every pet stacked with defensive boost. I get murdered by you…yet you are “the weaker player”…

Just make it a flat for winning and a flat removed for losing. It’s not that hard.

Well, I can’t win 100% against you yet so i have to weigh wasting an attack on you versus the chance of me winning, otherwise i would attack you more. I can get a bad random that will screw me.

I don’t mind if they make it flat but then only weaker players will be bombarded and there will be no incentive to challenge anyone stronger. We don’t have that many players in our league so we wouldn’t be affected but lower leagues would be. It would also turn into a who can spend the most gems for more attack chances each day.

Lol it doesn’t help that my luck has been pure butt related to pets. I had 2 90% fails and horrible rolls

Pets are very overpowered in arena if you know what your doing. Making and implementing an overarching plan for mutation skills is key.
I have a finished pet team on another server that is 400k ish with 2 heroes a mage and a warrior that can beat full teams with 800k power because of them. It is not even close since most people don’t pay attention enough to pets.

If people actually paid attention enough to them they would most likely be nerfed.

Hey Trisen, just wanted to thank you for this session. Fighting against you taught me the value of the pets. I took your advice and invested a bit into them and I feel way better. I just modified a bunch and tried a fight against you and it was waaaaay better. Ty mate


No problem, I’ve been trying to convince people that pets were very important and not to slack off in that area for awhile now.

There are also multiple ways to set up your mutation skills to go along with the philosophy of how you build your team.

On this server I’m going with a Slight Attack and Heavy defense from normal attack philosophy.

On the last server, I went with a heavy healing and defense philosophy.

On the server before that, I choose a heavy offense is the best defense philosophy.