Arena Tips for Maximizing Rewards

The #1 goal in the arena, at least for me, is to make one’s heroes stronger. That’s it. No other consideration (like ego) matters. The way the arena makes heroes stronger is by acquiring Medal of Honor coins that can be spent in the arena shop.

  1. Try to find players or guards that you can easily beat. Winning gives you 15 coins. Losing only gives you 3.

  2. Use your battle log. I cannot stress this enough. If you look in your battle log and see that someone has beaten you 3 times in a row when they chose to fight you, then you most certainly don’t want to fight them if you can help it. And you know this without having to try it once. That’s free information. Similarly, if someone fought you 3 times in a row and lost all 3, then they just made an even bigger mistake. You now know to seek them out for a potentially easy win.

  3. So, you’re sitting there looking at the opponent it has selected for you to fight, and you don’t like your chances. What should you do? Instinct says click on the refresh button until you see an opponent you do want to fight. Instinct might hurt you here, though. If you’ve won enough so that every opponent around you is tough, then it is probably better to stop fighting in the arena for awhile. Let the opponents fight you so you move down in the rankings to where it is easier, then hit the refresh button. Nobody says you have to fight all these arena battles in 5 minutes, unless things are really going your way. You’ve got all day. Patience is rewarded. Repeat as necessary.

  4. If I’ve got a choice between a guaranteed victory, or an 80% chance of victory with someone higher in the ranks than me, I’ll choose the guaranteed victory almost every time. To maximize the coins, losing is not an option. Better arena rewards at the end of the season will most likely not make up for the coins lost when losing individual battles. On the last day of the season, it might be worth it to fight for a higher ranking, but not alll season.

  5. How many arena battles to fight each day depends on how you’re doing. You’ll probably want to fight at least 12 but maybe more if you’re winning. Maybe a lot more. 56 winning battles gives you enough coins to open a 6-star chest. If you pay 30 crystals to fight a winning battle, then you get 20 crystals back. It only cost you 10 crystals net. Would you pay 560 crystals for a random 6-star piece of equipment? I would pay even more than that.

  6. If you do find a 6-star piece of equipment that you want to keep but don’t yet want to use, upgrade it a little bit immediately so it stands out more in your inventory, or equip it on an unused hero if you’ve got one. You’ll be less likely to sell it accidentally.

  7. Be careful of making a major improvement in your arena team just before the season ends. You don’t want to be bumped into a league that’s over your head. If you wait until after the season ends before upgrading a mage to 6-stars, for example, you’ll have something in reserve if you do end up struggling. You can also look ahead to see what you’ll be facing. Check out the guards in the next league up. If you’re more powerful than them, then you’ll probably be bumped up 2 leagues at the end of the season. Staying in a lower league so you can win most battles is much better than moving to a higher league where you may lose most battles. Don’t be too careful though. You also want to be advancing in the story so more resources are generated and you get more rewards for walking. You don’t want your story mode team to be stagnant.


Great guide, I didn’t even think to look at the log for that purpose.

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I clicked on your YouTube link earlier and was blown away by how many subscribers you have!

Blown away. :slightly_smiling_face:

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oh haha, most of them don’t actually watch anymore - the real important # is how many views and how long they watch.

but yeah, if guilds supported more than 40-ish people I’d promote the game harder to my audience for sure.

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Well, I grew up in a hilly farming town of just 800 and delivered a free paper to every single house one summer. Once per week. On my bicycle. (Worst job ever!)

So, just like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer on SNL, the number of subscribers you have both frightens and confuses me. :scream::flushed::grimacing::crazy_face:

P.S. Your website inspired me to put a YouTube video of mine in my profile. 8 views! Mostly me! Hahaha!

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Great editing! And at the very least, it sounds like your delivery job gave you the foundation you need for an easy 30k steps everyday, haha

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Thanks! I must confess that I had help making that video. There was a template. I just filmed the scenes and inserted them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish I could walk 30,000 steps per day. The mind is willing and able, but I permanently damaged my right foot a few years ago when I walked over 400 miles in 35 days wearing shoes with poor arch support. Really bad idea. Not blaming Wokamon, the game that motivated me. It’s all on me. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Last fall, I bought some custom Resa Wearables insoles at a local Costco. They took 3D images of my feet and custom printed insoles for me. They’re great. I still have some pain in my right foot when I walk, but I’m confident that I’m not further damaging it. I’ve been averaging about 15,000 steps per day this year, so far. If I lose some weight, like I did playing Wokamon, 30,000 might someday be possible. One can hope! :slightly_smiling_face: