Arena rewards - warlock

How many more seasons we have to stick to the warlock outfit rewards in the arena ?? I keep finishing 2nd in the past 4-5 seasons and it wouldn’t be asking much for novelty. I need new colors and i’m too competitive to voluntarily drop to bronze .

Superpass user here .


There is always a crazy p2p player in my league . It’s been 30 mins to the new season and look at this guy

Guaranteed 2nd place

I need our super forum users @Trisen and @rhandar on this.

I’ve got an entire warehouse full of gold Warlock gear now. My two mages, warrior, and priest are trying to figure out what to do with it. Perhaps build a zeppelin with all the fabric? :crazy_face:

From 2000 to 2805 in just one day? :flushed:

I thought I was bad. If I’m winning, I’ll spend crystals to fight 19 battles in a row. :flushed:

805? :flushed:

That would take an enormous number of crystals! :flushed:

Can’t complain about my fellow guild
Member right ? Lol

Maybe CK is heading for some bronze rewards

Yes, i do speak to the third person about myself. Lol

The Ladies find me special

Someone often speaks about Rhandar in the third person, but Rhandar has no idea who the narrator might be. And neither do I! :woozy_face:

P.S. Who said that!! :crazy_face:

What he prob did for this is save their arena attacks for the season change day. Then when season changes they will have 3ish hours where they can use that days attacks. Then at midnight it resets . To make it simple they get an extra day compared to the other people who used their daily attacks before they season change. And spread out the gem costs for extra attacks between the 2 days.

@Alex_ck outfit will start to rotate after the current season


This is great news !

It’s always nice to see you are constantly improving the game & taking the time to listen to your gamers :ok_hand:t2:

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