Arena logic: points deduction

So, while I was asleep, I was challenged by players that are much higher in level & team ammunition (actually strange to see them in a starting league “I”) & after each battle I strong textloststrong text points. So if someone challenge me & lose, I don’t get points, but if a much stronger opponent keep challenging me (strange I can’t see the same opponent so many times while using “refresh”), we lose points :thinking: Where’s the logic?

This is weird…

They should change it to at least give you half the points and let them lose half the points that they would have gotten if they won against you.

Since all battles are random they “balanced” it like that, but yeah, pretty dumb.

Currently the system is: the attackers don’t lose score when they lose, and to balance the overall scoring system, the defender don’t earn score when they win.

The system is designed in this way to encourage players to spend all their attacks and get rewarded. Changing the logic will have little effect on the overall rankings because players will probably stop battling unless the opponents are heaps weaker than them.

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Why not instead let players to battle everyone around their team levels?

Because right now I either instawin against 14k team with 20k+ team or I get 10+ teams in a row that have 30k+ overall and I can do nothing but take those losses to get a few gems.

Is this just something that you encounter in lower ranks? I joined this game few days ago and because of what I mentioned arena battles were pretty boring, either I have a stronger team or a stronger team destroys me, there were only like 3 times where I actually wasn’t sure whether I’ll win or not the moment I saw their overall damage and formation because both teams were almost equal.

And I think players who don’t do anything shouldn’t lose rank by any means other than other players rising up… Players who have better teams earn more points AND reduce points of teams who won’t be able to compete with them anyway, so it’s all luck which one of us, noobs, will get fought against and dragged down further than we should be for no reason. Maybe only wins should matter then?

Like it feels good to just get a free win from a team that’s way worse than yours I guess. But it’s not fun to be the guy who just got shat on and lost points for simply being newer to the game.

From my previous experience I know very well that there’s no point in upgrading the team. RNG regularly make strong team lose to the weaker teams.

I’ve already stopped battling on the other server although I keep doing the guild check in :joy: (just difficult to change the habit during school holidays )

I started playing on the second server just a few days ago & I did the best I could using my experience from the first time around.

I can understand losing points when I challenged & lost, but when someone else challenged my team (lucky them : they go for a much weaker player several times in a row) & I get my points taken is a stab into the back.

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Exactly what I talked about in my post, we shouldn’t lose anything when it’s out of our control.

It is fair because at no point do you have control. Both teams fight on auto. It’s fair because when YOU challenge someone and lose you won’t lose your points.

You WANT to get beat and move down the ranks of the arena so that your opponents won’t be as tough and you are more likely to win battles on the way back up. The arena isn’t about the points, it’s about earning the currency you need to buy better weapons at the arena shop.

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I prefer to challenge & lose the points if I lost the challenge than open my game & see my points taken by challengers I haven’t seen. I have 10 free challenge to win or lose. However, I could be challenged more than 10 times. Depends how many players played that day.

Anyway I’m not a big fan of P v RNG. I’ve tried it & I don’t like it. Luckily I can finish the story line without arena :joy: