Arena Error, Can’t access

@marspark When I try to enter the arena I get this message, which also means I can’t access arena shop.

@marspark I’m thinking that maybe what’s happened is after last season ended I got bumped into my own guild… during last season my arena strength went from 990k to 1M (:crown:) and that might be a glitch in League A… the upper parameter being 999 or something? I remember we had a similar issue a few months ago when the first three players leveled from league B in to A… didn’t have the quorem to have arena so y’all threw bots in there until more folks leveled up… just a thought…

Firstly congratulations on becoming the League S player! Yes you’ve guessed correctly that we don’t have enough data for League S bots. We’ll probably duplicate your data so you can at least battle the bots while others are catching up!

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Thank you! @marspark Ha…guess I’m alone out here… @Jordan_Ng_Seah_Hee is welcome in League S with me when his account gets restored. Pretty evenly matched! In the meantime, I can’t access arena anything… if it’s something that can get resolved relatively soon I’m not worried about it but if it’s an ordeal then can I get bumped down into another league so I can access rewards… battles, etc.

@marspark it’s pretty rad that I got duplicated into the League S bots, thank you! I dig it.

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