Arena challenge

There are 6 real players & 6 guards in my league, however last night I was constantly challenged by a single player, at least 8 times (visible in my log), so I kept losing points for the battles I didn’t start.

Should there be a restriction how many time RNG could offer the same player to the battle? My team’s power was a bit below 273

@marspark I don’t know why I was promoted to this league where even the guard are stronger than my team. I step, get energy, collect resources, but my team is still weak for that league. I do the battles but it’s annoying to see that all the opponents still got stronger teams.

You are promoted mainly for reaching a hidden team power factor along with some other minor conditions. The attack from the same opponent is quite normal as you are probably the only one he has confidence in winning so he refreshed opponents until matching you. I’m not too sure about the exact league and number of players in the league but when more players grow in your league the less chance you’ll be targeted over and over again.

You made me smile :slight_smile: it’s the player who is holding the second position in the league D :joy::joy::joy: & battles me every day. So you can see how much damage when there’s not many players. Still refreshing is usually cycle the same 7 players, at least for me.

It’s the last days of the season & even I’ve played regularly, I still can’t match the power of the guards. On a different server it takes me a day or two to be able comfortably beat the guards.

I’ll see what we can do with the guard’s power. I agree we probably need to lower it to the minimum power level of each league.

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Thanks for listening @marspark.

I think i’ve finished with this game. Basically this season one player has picked up on me. Every day I lost at least 6 battles that I didn’t start to this person.

It’s not fun to see moving from the 5-6 position to the bottom of the league.

On another servers, I battle all my opponents because with current RNG impossible to predict how battle even against lower in power opponents will end up. (And guess, most of times the lower opponents win) On this server I’m constantly losing battles I don’t start.

Basically there are two players on two different servers that I constantly lose. I wonder why RNG favour them so much :thinking: Anyway it’s not so important now

Are you being attacked on the Twin Peak server? You’re so far ahead of everyone there that I wouldn’t imagine anyone would have success. Don’t drop out altogether! At least stay in Twin Peak with me. I try never to hit anyone if guards are available.

Twin Peak server is fine: I win battles, I lose battles. And the other server was fine, until the current season.

The problem is that arena battles are ruled by RNG in full auto mode & there’s no logic. I play on three servers & I’ve seen so many times my team being defeated by stronger & by much weaker opponents. I could win against fancy dresses arch mages or I could lose to them.

However, this season has changed all my understanding of arena battles. Taking into account that there are some bugs in the game, I had a hope that it’s a bug (at least 8 battles against the same player in the league with 11 opponents). I was trying to understand this unique situation :thinking:

I’m fine if people battling me, it’s not always possible to use free refresh. On FitTower (I think we’re in the same league there), I see results of the battles & usually II see several different players & different outcomes.

Are you in B league on Fit Tower? This season there had been truly baffling to me. I started it often beating some people I never thought I could, and now getting clobbered by everyone. My thought is that as the season progresses people are updating their teams in ways I can’t see, like hero’s skills and pet mutations. I wish the results in the arenas were more transparent.

Yes League B, but I hardly do any battles there. I’m in a collection mode on that server. Just in case if the game gets better :joy::joy::joy: Also, I’m in a great guild there.