Arena bug in fight with same opponent

How come, against same player, 9 games from 10, even I hit first with 2 mages, both hits are on the warrior?
I changed places of my heros in many ways but same thing happens.

It’s RNG :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had it so many times. Also losing 8 battles to the same player with a much more weaker team on the same day.

@Skilleton Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

There are players, I can not win against them, even I have better team. Every day, 20 days in row, even I have the first 2 hits, both goes on warrior. This is far from being RNG.
I have 2 players on Fit Tower and there, being in A league, this will never change. I can’t ein against them.
I have 1 in Twin Peak,all season my first hit was on warrior.

It’s a game :scream: When someone of a higher rank challenged me several times a night several days in a row, my team lost most of these battles (winning only 1 every other night)

When I tried it with a similar much lower opponent than me, guess what ? My strong team lost all these battles. Any logic?

I play other games against AI, I might win my battles or lose my battles, but I take part in them & it’s my decisions & a bit of luck that lead me to win or made me lose. Here it’s a very basic RNG & a spectacular mode for PvP :joy::joy::joy: You can guess how much time I spend here now :joy:

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There are players, i can’t win against them no matter what gear they have and this is the fact.
I skipp them and win with others. But when you want 1st rank… is bad.
Btw, why 4 mage in your team?

4 mage team? Which server ?

Ups, not you, @PieNSky (Luna). You was Wild on Twin Peak, were you?

Hey @Skilleton - yep I’m Luna on Twin Peak. I’m a bit bored by myself so I wanted to try a 4 mage team as well as an arcanist. I’m not sure i’ll keep this team, but it’s working for now. The guards in B are quite easy I think. I’m waiting for you to join me so I can see how they do against a human :slightly_smiling_face:

@PieNSky, I feel so lonely too, here, in C. In D with guys was entertainment. Fluffy was kicking my ass every day and every day had to find solutions. I really don’t know why my first 2 hits( I have on 2 mages better speed than him) was only on his warrior.
Anyway, the real fights will be in A. Next month, we will meet all. Cya!

This might be a bit late, but if you are talking about regular attacks they always are directed towards the front line, in most cases warrior. It’s the main reason berserker is good, since its 4 guaranteed rounds they will be alive to soak up auto attacks. <3