Arena - Balance and Crashing

Several people have mentioned OP characters and getting slaughtered by players 30k+ less power then them. That needs to be addressed. My issue is this too I just completed 3 battles and won, but it either gave me a loss or didn’t give rewards. Help pls?

What type of loss you talking about?

In the arena or somewhere else?
If it’s in arena,check the battle log, someone might have engaged with you while you are attacking someone else…

Power is not the end all for comparing characters. First, power does not take into account pets at all. Second, many stats are not reflected in power, in particularly crit %, dodge %, and block %. Third, if you have a superior strategy, you will greatly increase your win percentage regardless of

My win percentage for arena A is routinely 95%. I lose to one player who is 30k above me (and has a strategy that will specifically beat me), so I never attack them. There are three other players who I occasionally lose to (about 75% of the time). One is about the same as me, the other two are both more than 100k below me, with a strategy that matches well against mine. There are probably 20-30 other players who are higher power than me, and I functionally never lose to them. I beat them 99.2% of the time (I ran the math on the scenario required for me to lose). That is due to how I use my pets, my extra unmeasured stats, and two very key strategies that I use.

themeanman2 is right on your issue with getting no or negative rewards after a battle. Your rewards report incorrectly (but you still get them) if you are attacked while you are fighting.


Fair enough. I don’t care so much about pets since most of what I’m seeing now is 7/10 players using the Twinkle or whatever at 2*+ and that thing is definitely OP. Oh well. Lol. And I don’t dump money in to something like this. It’s pretty ok for the most part as the gem distro is pretty good. It will all balance out. Can’t wait for the glyphs.

Again. Good analysis.

We’ve finally had some time to look over the class balance issues. Please let us know your feedback after v2.0’s adjustments. This is an ongoing process and we thank you for your patience!

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