Are we getting any new Wokamon soon?

It has been a long time since we received any new Wokamon. Is this app still being worked or is it done?


We are trying to put up a update before the end of year but there’s not guarantee T_T

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Thank you! I’ve been getting disheartened worry it was just going to die. :cry:

If you are using Android, then we’ve just released 2 more wokamons.

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Is there going to be an iOS update soon?

I love this game, but the lack of new Wokamons is frustrating! With all of the resources gathered while waiting, the last that were released, I had completed with in a matter of a couple of days… if even that. Uninstalled the app months ago and just re-installed, hoping there had been an update. No such luck. Uninstalling again.

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Yes…please add new monsters…lots of and make it easier to choose accessories to level up. I’ve not managed to get one adhoc accessory completed because the adding of levels is so random. Love this game but very frustrating with lack of new monsters.

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Been waiting on new characters for a long time. I’ve got all my monsters up to level 1000…need more!!!

New Wokamons for iOS is being implemented as we speak. The Android version needs to wait till a later update.

I have downloaded the update on iPhone, but there are no new Wokamons

How long “till a later date”?