Are stage rewards affected by star rating?

Just wondering if a 3 star win gets you better odds of better rewards than a 1-2 star win.

It’s extremely unlikely that the stage rewards are better if you get more stars on it. I was able to get all the 5-star equipment I wanted with very few stages at 3-star.

The 5-star equipment is more rare now, even though I’ve completed all stages at 3-star on all difficulty levels. (That change happened in an update not all that long ago. Someone apparently forgot to make appropriate sacrifices to the angry nerfing gods. :grimacing:)

There are separate benefits to gaining more stars. Some main story quests require you to get 3-stars on some stages. There are also star rewards that provide silver, legendary runes, outfit cards, and crystals.

Bottom line: Your main goal should be to advance as quickly as you can through the stages. That way you’ll gain more resources (silver and ancient runes) per hour. Don’t worry about leaving a trail of 1-star stages in your wake. You can come back and finish them with 3-stars when you’re more powerful.

P.S. A great time to try and get more stars on a stage you’ve already done is when doing the daily quests. It always asks that you do 4 stages you’ve already done, so that’s a great opportunity to try to do them better. (And it doesn’t waste your stamina redoing stages that might have weak rewards, since you need to do them anyway.)


Also after nightmare or hell is unlocked , look into upgrading the silver capacity of the nodes. Upgrading affects all nodes and allows to not have wasted silver because you didnt log in every 4 hrs. After the upgrade it is hard to get enough silver for pets and equipment so it’s a solid investment .


That’s fair. I’ve been trying to progress as fast as possible and come back to 3-star when I’m stronger. I just wanted to check that I wasn’t missing anything :slight_smile:

I have upgraded the nodes a few times (at first just for purple hexagons, can’t remember the name of the currency lol) and it’s really helped. I do the ads when I can, but at the moment I don’t have much equipment of value to upgrade.

Was there any explanation on why they made it harder? Considering somethings were already near impossible to do like get the “special pets”, I don’t understand what lead to this conclusion to make things even harder…
I noticed the recent changes but wondered if it was discussed on discord as I haven’t seen an explanation (it is entirely possible it was explained but I missed the post). Not sure if they share that stuff with us… I did read the release notes. :tulip:

If you mean why is it harder to get 5-star equipment now, then there is a simple reason.

Once I got all my 5-star equipment too easily, I obviously secretly wrote the devs and said the equipment was far too easy to get. You know, for others. This would give me a fairly sizable advantage and propel me higher in the arena rankings. :wink:

That’s the simple reason. It’s not the correct reason. I never actually did write the devs. In hindsight, it just seems that way. :crazy_face:

It’s kind of like the time that they increased the cost for heroes to level at higher levels after my main heroes were mostly fully leveled or the time when they increased the costs to mutate pets after my pets were mostly mutated. :grimacing:

It is what it is. Some people are just lucky I guess. :grimacing:

In all seriousness, I think they want this to be a long-term fitness app and if everyone maxes out all their heroes too fast (like I nearly have), it becomes a short-term fitness app. Once leveling and equipment collecting is finished, these kinds of games lose their appeal. There always needs to be at least something that can be done to improve your team(s) or what’s the point? :thinking:

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