Are plants costing more & more raindrops?

Am I crazy, or do plants require more rain drops as you go along?!?

My latest land map and latest plant, a Kabuto lvl 3 (a common plant) is asking for 31K in raindrops to water. But in my previous map, plants a planted last week maybe, I have a demi banyon, kittynip, and a skremy, all lvl 3, all common plants. They are each asking 21k, 25k and 26k respectively.

Then a few maps back I have lvl 6 sand rose, another common plant, only asking for 24k to level up. WTF?! Why does every new plant, cost more and more and more?

I get that the more plants you have, you’re technically upping the % of raindrops you’re collecting. But it’s feels like the plants ‘prices’ triple with each new planet while rain drop collection increases by 0.00000001%

You are not crazy. Plants will cost more and more.
The more plants you also own, the more raindrops you will need in the nursery.

Gardener cards are the best way to increase the number of raindrops you are getting.
You can convert gardener cards you “don’t want” to vouchers and exchange them for other cards to level them more quickly.

There is also a purple card that significantly reduces the number of raindrops you need for plants.

The game takes a while to complete. :slight_smile:

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