Are essences totally random?

I’m trying to collect all plants from the zoo world. So, I’ve been collecting its essences.

However, in the past weeks, I’ve been able to get them all except the only one I’ve been looking for.

At first I was convinced it’s just a matter of luck. But, then, I would always collect all rewards, purchase a lot of chests, check the sunshine market often and refresh it each time; and it’s always sea essence or sth else.

I’ve completed another world while waiting for another 6 zoo essences to finish my collection.

I got only 2.
I have already 12 sea plants but 21 sea essences and still getting them.

That’s why I thought that maybe it’s not that random after all.

Does anyone have a similar problem?
Do you have any ‘tricks’
to get the essence you want more frequently?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. I’ve just checked with our game designer and they are random :frowning:

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Yes, It is actually totally random, sometime it pop up in the treasure chests and sunshine shop.