Archer vs. Mage vs. Rogue

I have three questions:

  1. Is it possible to buy a 5 star mage in the market? I have never seen one and I’m wondering if it is just rare because I have heard of people buying them like that.
  2. Is an archer comparable to a mage? So if I in fact cannot get a 5 star mage, is it almost as good or equal to get the 5 star archer? Or should I buy a 3 star mage and level it up?
  3. Is it worth it to just keep using my 5 star rogue and keep leveling it up or was that just a waste of gems? It seems to be a pretty useless hero unless it can attack two enemies at some point

I am half way through Nightmare Mode and all I use is my mage and two warlocks with either the warrior or the rogue but I’m not a fan of the rogue and feel I would be better off with another mage.


Hi, thank you for reaching out.

  1. Yeh you can buy a 5-star mage in the market.
  2. Mage is more popular in the current version.
  3. We’ll try our best to release more features to utilize every class.

Happy walking!

I have never seen a 5 star mage in the market and I have been using this app multiple times daily for weeks. Is it just me? I always refresh the market when it tells me to