Apps not tracking steps

Posting on behalf my wife, she says both her apps Wokamon and Fitness Fantasy stopped tracking her steps. Only a small number of steps get registered, and she has another counter that registers fine. I checked FAQ for her and verified apps are both whitelisted and processes are running in background, not getting killed. Phone is connected per troubleshooting instructions, and I saw others potentially are experiencing the same issue presently. She’s on a stock SM-N950U running Marshmallow 7.1.1, up to date OTE. Please let her know if you need any other info, I’ll help if she doesn’t understand the technical details. Thank you!

edit: She also cannot change her profile avatar

My husband read somewhere that when samsung health’s pedometer stops working, that downloading google fit fixed it. For both wokamon and fitness fantasy, I’ve been synced to just my phone. And so I downloaded google fit and restarted my phone and now Wokamon is counting my steps again! However, it didn’t connect to my google account, the screen didn’t even pop up and there’s an exclamation mark next to the google fit button.

I have to wait until midnight tonight before I can say that google fit fixed Fitness Fantasy as well.

@OddAud, how does Google Fit work for you?


Just turned midnight for me and fitness fantasy is counting my steps again, thank you for responding!

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