Apple Watch inaccuracy

Why do some steps count but others don’t? I was excited to see the Apple Watch can now be linked, but my steps in Health do not reflect properly in Fitness RPG. I feel like I’d like to switch back to my phone but the long wait for switching sources is discouraging. Please fix!


@Melangeyy can you please check if the step count from Apple Watch (not the Health app as it will mix steps from all available sources) matches the readings on the Fit Tower?

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No, they don’t match. And now it’s saying today (after my morning exercise) that I have 0 steps! Very frustrated. I will switch back to iPhone and just lose a day of exercise I guess. I’m about to take a big trip and I was hoping to gain a lot of progress in the game with my watch, but this feature obviously isn’t working 100% just yet. It dropped about 3k steps yesterday. And I do have it set up right - I googled the heck out of it, even restarting both phone and watch and doing the very lengthy process of unpairing and repairing them. I didn’t airplane mode or silence my watch for fear of screwing it up. Here’s my info/proof today. I want those steps!

Sorry it said because I’m new I can only post one image. Strange rule…

I think mine is doing the same. The steps are being recorded by the app but they’re being recorded against the wrong day. So my steps for the last two days are still being added to the 29.09.
At the same time the quests for steps are being updated correctly still.

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I just discovered the same thing! Look! I definitely did not walk 13k+ yesterday. It keeps adding them. Switching back to phone just before midnight. Hope I remember!

Please fix this! It’s a bummer because I worked out way harder today.

I would switch back to phone because I think there is a step cap on the game. It’s like 30k, I heard, tho I have not gotten there. Good luck! I’m sticking with the phone for now which sucks because I hear the watch counts more movement.

Having the exact same issue. Step count is off.
Today shows 0 steps. Health and AW both so 4k steps, checked all settings in health app

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I would switch back to phone until they prove this won’t happen again. Look at the time conversion and set a timer for 10 mins before then switch over :wink:

My app has stopped counting steps altogether now. I can walk with my phone in my hand, wearing my watch, and nothing. I’ve walked over 3000 steps today, and only 202 steps are in the app.

I’ll have to unsubscribe if this continues. It is a waste of money.

I would suggest not buying things then. It’s fun without buying! Slow, but fun.

I usually subscribe to apps I like in order to support the developers. I don’t subscribe for the stuff.

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Hi guys, we’ll investigate however things may take longer since the whole team is on a 7-day holiday. Can you please switch to the phone option temporarily and sent me your short id so I can compensate for the days that you missed your tower rewards? Sorry for this happening and thank you for your feedback and patience.

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Thanks. My short ID zqybbw. I hope that’s what you need.

Mine started working this morning! Thank you!

How are we being compensated? I buy a lot to support the developers yet I have not seen an email reward or explanation for lost steps/days.

A quick note of the Apple Watch sync issue:

We’ve found the bug and have submitted a update. I’ll let you know as soon as it happens. Once the update goes live I’ll send over those compensations.

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Compensations have been sent. If you have missed out, please register in the apple watch thread in the news section!