Apple vs android

My bf in America and I in Germany play. He is so far ahead of me and I walk far more steps than he does. His apple version gives him valuable prizes, level ups, costume items, planet levels, etc on lucky draw consistently. I spend hundred of topaz on lottery and I get fruit 24 times out of 25. I’ve never gotten any level up of an accessory or a planet as a lottery prize. Fruit or in rare cases, an accessory. Why are the algorithms different? Is it possible to even this out?

Hi @darkruler,

Firstly our apologizes for not evening the gaming experiences across different devices. Wokamon’s Android development has fallen behind since our only Android developer resigned a few months back. Our iOS developer takes it over and he finally has some free time after Pocket Plants’ development. Please stay tuned for some Android updates in the next few weeks but please understand it takes a lot of time before the Android version catches up with the iOS version because he’s not familiar with the programming language.