App suggestion :

Hello, I’d first like to thank you for your amazing apps, the concepts are amazing and their design is very cute and pleasing.
I’d like to suggest you an app idea which, in my opinion, would be greatly appreciated by users who are into self development.
Here’s the idea : Why not make a Habit Tracking app in a similar style ? I imagine an app where we could make a list of daily habits, each one with its own calendar. The rewards would keep increasing throughout the month until day 30 everytime the user achieves his goal. The number of “successful days” would be the currency in the game. There could also be a “don’t break the chain” combo which would multiply the rewards as long as the user doesn’t miss any day.
What do you think ? Thanks for reading !


Hi, thank you for reaching out. This is a very good idea and we are actually discussing a similar idea so this is definitely on our radar! We are currently working on something else and may look into this idea again once we are done with that. Thanks again!

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