App is freezing up when I try to sync my steps

For 3 days now whenever I try to sync my steps from the health app it freezes up and crashes completely a minute later. So frustrating. I have tried restarting my phone numerous times, and tried changing anything possible to see if it fixes the issue but it continues to happen every time I try to sync :(. Using iOS 11.1.

Hi Glga2007,

Do you remember roughly when the issue started? After the daylight saving ends?

Could you try to switch the tracking option to ‘Phone’? Leave it on for a day and switch it back to ‘Health’. Please let me know how you go with this.


We just heard from another player, she updated the Health app and it fixed the issue. Please make sure you agree to share all Health data with Wokamon.

Switching the sync option to phone fixed the issue, I was able to switch it right back to sync with health and the issue seems to be fixed. Thank you :slight_smile:

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