App frozen at 91%, won't start

It’s frozen at 91% and won’t start. I’ve tried leaving it on indefinitely, restarting the phone, force stopping and restarting the app, erasing cache. I haven’t deleted the app data or uninstalled the app in fear of losing my progress. I don’t remember what my id (the auto generated letters and numbers) is. I’m on android, blackberry priv. System is up to date, and I checked on google play store and Pocket Plants hasn’t released any new updates that I might have missed. Help!

Hi @Sbang, really really sorry for the late reply. Have you connected to any 3rd party devices (Google Play, Facebook or Kongregate)? If so please delete/reinstall the game and please choose ‘cloud save’ when a data conflict window popups. If you are having issues with getting back your old progress, please let me know!

Thank you for your patience!

Same happened to me, I reinstalled the game, but then it didn’t load my progress via Google play and it froze all the time I had to go through the initial tutorial before opening the settings menu. I had to reinstall a second time and then the Google Play progress loaded, but as the game that just restarted in my first reinstalling trial… Can you help me recover my progress, @marspark? My current player ID is FPFdFUZjL , I was already in the 10th world, working on unlocking the plants there and all the super plants…I have been playing for over a year now, would be a shame to loose all the progress :confused:

Hi, @marspark! Any tips on how to recover my data?

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I’ve found your previous data and have transferred it to the new ID FPFdFUZjL. Please let me know if you are having any issues accessing it.


The same issue happened to me.
Could you please transfer my old game MngY*c3y9
to my new player ID v3jRw_5v6
I was on my 10th world with only 16 more plants to max out!

hey @Shikudo
I hate to be a pest, but can you help me recover my data? I would sure appreciate it. thanks!