App data issues, along with an erased cloud backup

A little while ago, I opened the game on one of my devices.

However, the data was progress was erased, and the cloud backup was overwritten.

Unfortunately, I do not have my profile code, so I can’t provide that. The most I could do is provide my username as shown in the arena (though I’m not sure how helpful that would be, because while almost all of my owned items were equipped, I don’t remember how many gems and other items I had).

Am I just forced to having to start from scratch? Because that would be a bit annoying.

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@PlacidPenguin please message me your new game id and arena name which would be really helpful.


Hi. I’m not able to private message, so…

Well this is disappointing.

It seems like my old data file cannot be found, which means that any progress which I had made is unrecoverable.

I’ve been slowly working my way back to where I was before, but when I think of all the items and gems which I had…

@PlacidPenguin sorry for the delayed response. I’ve just noticed in another post where you mentioned you had another device. If so, do you mind to login with that device and let me know the game id of that account? Thanks!

@marspark I can’t access my original device, since compatibility is broken with Android P dev preview 2.


Just reread your message. I already gave you the game ID from my second device (which I am currently using).

Unfortunately, however, since I can’t get the game working on my first device (where the overwritten game data came from) due to compatibility issues, I can’t provide you with that ID.

The Android P compatible issue will be fixed in our next update. I’ll reach out again when the update is live so we can check your old progress and send over some compensations.

@PlacidPenguin Fitness RPG is now compatible with Android P. Please download the latest build and let us know if there’s any problem.

I actually quit playing for several weeks.

Installed the app onto my main phone, and it didn’t restore my save file (or even offer to). Although I just checked the device which I had been using in the meantime, and it only restored the new game.

This time, however, I knew my Game ID, so I sent an email with it.

@PlacidPenguin thank you. We’ll discuss over the email.