App changes source to “Phone” in the morning

My game changes the source back to Phone from Apple Watch in the morning. I made sure to change the source to my watch before bed and the next night changed back to phone by it self.

@Pearlmsqueaks is this the first time it happens? Also when you say you changed the source to watch, do you mean you left it after seeing the ‘waiting clock’?

It happened before and when it happens it happens randomly. When Ive noticed that it’s switched itself I set it back to watch at night before I go to bed because the game doesn’t complete the switch until midnight.

Okay I checked that it was still set to “watch” before I replied this morning. It stayed as “watch” I opened the game just now and I noticed that no steps had synced so I checked again and it was waiting to sync “phone”. Sometime in the last 2 hours it switched.