Any tips for preventing a focus session from failing?

Hi people,

I’m using Focus Plant on a iPhone SE (first generation, 2016) and since a few weeks (maybe since 2.4.3 update) I started having trouble to get the focus sessions not to fail when I lock my screen. Earlier it was no problem.
I killed all other running apps to free some ram, tried rebooting and freed up some phone storage (wasn’t low on storage), but that all didn’t work.

Do any of you have any tips on how to improve the focus accuracy?

You can check on improve focus settings. Improve focus settings can be found on the focus plant settings. When you killed other app in the background, sometime the focus plant and focus quest app pop up over there. You need to ignore focus plant and focus quest from their whitelisted list.

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If none of the above @Brandon_Wan mentioned works, please send us a log via ‘settings -> send log’ after a failed session. Thank you for your patience!

It failed the focus session again. You can’t shut down the phone while during the focus session. If you shut down the phone, turn them on and go back to the focus plant. Otherwise, It will fail the focus session if you don’t go back to the focus plant immediately.