Any rewards beyond 10k?

Hi there, I’m new here and was just wondering if there are any “rewards” or upgrades… What have you to walking over 10,000 steps in a day.
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There isn’t but that’d be cool. I also would suggest a 7500 step reward to motivate people to walk that final 5000 steps (past the first 5000). As it stands I sometimes feel like if I’m not going to hit 10000 then there is no point of walking much more than 5000 for example.

The only negative for a beyond 10000 steps option would be people cheating probably.

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@Shimurs it’s not so difficult to get 20k a day. It’s a matter of a lifestyle :thinking: 15 minutes of a brisk walk = 2k steps, 15 minutes of running = 2.5K or even 3K depending on the cadence. There are days when I don’t even bother getting 10K, there are days when I have 20k before 11 am. If people are ready to cheat for 20k, than they are more likely to cheat for 10K :thinking:

Personally I agree but someone previously brought up this point on the forum so I thought it was worth repeating.

Thank you for the feedback. We are working on a small guild activity to adopt the daily steps. Please stay tuned!


The game is merely additional motivation to get your steps. Kind of like gravy on the fitness train. Yeah, it would be cool to have more bonuses for more steps, but it’s just a game. Walking/running is real life.

I’m usually over 20k steps a day, but I walk somewhere between 6 and 10 miles every night playing world of warcraft on the treadmill.

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When I played Wokamon (no step restrictions), I did my best (say 50k was my normal day)

When I played Pocket Plants (some step restrictions), I usually made sure I used all possible allowance unless I was really busy.

Now, with 10K steps limit :thinking: I don’t care if I’ve done 10K for the game. Two days in a row, I finished my day at 5 & 7K. I spend more time collecting resources & redoing stages for 3 stars than walking & exercising. & the game is Fitness Fantasy :joy::joy::joy: