Any chance of PvP in future?


Fitness RPG has outdone many similar productivity games and I feel that one of the major reasons for its popularity was PvP.
Focus Quest has introduced some really good things like Rift and Raid over the time but those are still PvE modes.

Addition of 1v1 PvP would truly motivate someone (atleast me!) to focus harder and increase player activity (focus time!) as there is a visible goal and competition to beat.

It would also lead to increased revenue as with competition players will be more inclined spend money to get passes as they directly translate to additional power to beat higher opponents.
A League mode like Fitness RPG would do wonders for this game.

And so I wanted to ask if a PvP mode is on the to-do list for the future (and really request you to consider it, if it isn’t.)

Thanks for being one of the rare developers who not only make games with entertainment but also health and productivity in mind.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. Yes, PvP is on our to-do but we are still discussing the best way to implement this.

The biggest struggle is that focus games are really tied to real life and we don’t want to break anyone’s focus schedule by introducing excessive content. For example, if we simply introduce a PvP system where hero power is the only winning factor, then players who only want to focus for an hour per day will slowly lose motivation because he/she cannot beat anyone in PvP (he/she will still be able to enjoy time rift and raid in our current game design).

Any feedback will be really appreciated.

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I believe what you have just mentioned is rather relevant in that PvP does deter some players away from the game. Having said that, I do think this issue can be largely eliminated by introducing no benefits or very minimal benefits to other modes if players do decide to participate in the PvP mode.

In other words, players who are eager to play PvP can enjoy the competition that it provides, but the rewards they got for participating in the PvP mode stays there. In this way, I think the casual players would not lose motivation as there is no need for them to join the PvP since the rewards for participation of PvP is just to improve their PvP stats.

I would be interested to see how everybody considers my suggestion.


As somebody who really wants PvP, I rather enjoy the competitive environment than huge rewards. However, huge rewards would entice players to maybe spend money. Not sure which way is the correct way to go.

Since this is a focus game, I wouldn’t spend any money even if it means losing my #1 spot.


I think that a tweaked version of Diablo 3’s paragon level system would do great.

I’ve recommend this type of thing in the discord before, but I will expand on it.

Basically you would have a separate level along with your regular level, you would have a separate tab in which every level you get another point to put towards a skill(HP, attack, skill defence, etc.) but the catch would be that the paragon skill is only used in specific encounters, so no raids or time-rifts, whatever the developers decide.

This level could also be set on a seasonally timer like the time rift pass is, as every N amount of days your level and stats would be brought back to baseline of one.

As for rewards, I think something like gear sets would be a great way to balance the rewards. Gear sets are quite popular among MMORPGs and allow for unique ways of adding different fighting mechanics to games. Now how these gear sets work is up to the developer. They could make it that these gear set abilities work in PvP and PvE, or they could make it have the same gear value as say legendary or divine gear, and the bonus stats only active during PvP fights.

This was just my thoughts on a way they could incorporate PvP into the game without it being too intrusive to the current system they have.