Any chance of PvP in future?


Fitness RPG has outdone many similar productivity games and I feel that one of the major reasons for its popularity was PvP.
Focus Quest has introduced some really good things like Rift and Raid over the time but those are still PvE modes.

Addition of 1v1 PvP would truly motivate someone (atleast me!) to focus harder and increase player activity (focus time!) as there is a visible goal and competition to beat.

It would also lead to increased revenue as with competition players will be more inclined spend money to get passes as they directly translate to additional power to beat higher opponents.
A League mode like Fitness RPG would do wonders for this game.

And so I wanted to ask if a PvP mode is on the to-do list for the future (and really request you to consider it, if it isn’t.)

Thanks for being one of the rare developers who not only make games with entertainment but also health and productivity in mind.