Android REALLY Needs New Level Achievements and Worlds

The achievements only let levels go to 600 in order to get topazes. But a lot of users have wokamon that are in the thousands! Those achievements really need to be increased so that people have another way to get topazes and wokamon that are above 600 aren’t totally wasted.

Really need new worlds for the same reason too.

The achievements are a weird mix of crazy low (like the 600 level thing) and crazy high (like the tapping, opening chests, etc.). There need to be achievements in between to keep people interested.

I’m about as loyal to games as it comes, but I’m finding it hard to keep motivated in this intermediate range because I’m SO far beyond the achievements I’ve gotten and SO far from getting any others. If I’m getting bored, I know that others are too.


Iafree, we really need new worlds. Apple has a lot more worlds and just a better game.


Totally agree. Android always seems to get short shrift. What about a fix for lucky draw?


It’s sad that this is still relevant two years later.