Android app update?


Will the android version of wokamon ever be updated again? It has been over six months since we have received any updates whatsoever and it seems that the android app has been abandoned by the developers.


Bump! I would also like to know the answer to this question . I love this game it’s fun makes walking fun as well. My family has got the new updates and the new stuff looks awesome! Please new update for android :kissing_heart:


Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply, our Android developer have been work hard for the next coming versions, and soon there will be a new version.



The last update we received (on the official facebook page) said that the android update would be released “before early November”:

Is this timeline still accurate? Could you please provide an expected release date rather than just saying “soon”? I appreciate you claiming we will receive an update, but we’ve been waiting for too long already and are more than a little bit impatient.


Hi all

Wokamon Android Version has upgraded to 2.5

Thanks for supporting us.



Thank you for the update; we did receive the option to obtain four new wokamon, which is certainly progress. However, we are still missing all of the features listed below which have previously been added to the ios app. Could you please let us know when the comparable updates are expected to be released for android?

V 2.10.1 released April 19, 2016
- New Lucky Draw System Wokamons have lost a few golden accessories while travelling to earth. These special accessories carry ancient power from Wokaland. Recently Wokamons have located another mysterious chest and with enough foods there’s a chance to bring those precious accessories back! Hurry up and help them:)

V 2.11 released May 11, 2016
- New Lucky Draw x10: recently Wokamons find a super magical chest which contains at least 1 golden accessory
- New Golden World Wokamons find 3 golden worlds while traveling to earth. These golden worlds carry magic benefit, find them from the magic chest. (You will unlock the ‘winter moon’ world automatically if you’ve adopted a christmas themed Wokamon)

V 3.0 released August 12, 2016
- New Lucky Draw System
- Each lucky draw is guaranteed to give you a golden accessory or world (no more fruits!)
- If you’ve already possessed the golden item drawn, it levels up automatically
- Cost for fruit lucky draw is reduced by 50%
- New Level Up Shop
- Each day a random selection of golden accessories and worlds will appear in the level up shop
- The shop resets the level up cost for each item when it refreshes so that you can always level up your items with a cheaper topaz cost
- 3 New Worlds
- Hot Summer
- Door
- Mountain

V 3.2 released October 21, 2016
- You’ll receive a new Halloween World automatically if you have unlocked the lucky draw chest!
- New gaming leaderboard: compete your Wokamon stats with your friends



Thanks for supporting us.

we will catch up the android version with the iOS version, but it may take us a few time because we lost our only Android Developer.



Nooooo hire another one! :frowning:


Need to update sooner and give players some holiday Wokamons and a reason to keep playing


@Snigdha_Das A Christmas update is on the way. Our apologizes for not submitting it earilier so we missed the Christmas deadline


Can you please update us on when Android will be getting version 3? I’ve been hesitant to use lucky draw because it’s so terrible in Android. Even an update on whether you hired a new Android developer would be welcome.


Yessss…Android version needs an update!


Also waiting for an update.

I have format issues while playing on my Samson galaxy s 6. If that could be added to the fix Id appreciate it!


Omg people are asking for an update since 2016. It’s now 2018 and still no update for android. Why would you have to lie about that? That’s not cool and it’s not fair to the android users. I’m not happy for reading all this…


@Sweetsun I’m extremely sorry to let you down. We have no excuses and sorry to let you know that there’s currently no ETA for the next Android version release. Of course, we’ll try to release Android build as soon as we possibility can because no one else wants to release a new version as much as we do.