Amethysts gone?

Several days ago I had over 1.3k amethysts which I had gathered from the lil christmas event. Suddenly they disappeared and left me with around 500 at most. Then, today I update the app and it took me down from over 400 to 43, why does it keep doing this? It’s ridiculous.

edit: also I hadn’t bought any new unlocks for plants as they wouldn’t breed a new one, annoyingly. During the 1.3k+ part I had made a few unlocks beforehand that were extremely cheap as I was still relatively new to the app, and had gotten quite a few through the event

Hi @Kida, this sounds weird. Can you please let me know your game Id so we can investigate your data? It’s in the settings page.


Yeah it’s really bugging me now, I had to wait ages to unlock another plant because of the drop, was only 333 I had to save but I don’t get out the house much so I can’t just convert steps to amethysts when I need them.
My ID is M37LnyjaL

@Kida sorry for the late reply, it’s crazy busy here to prepare for the new game launch. I’ve checked your data and see nothing weird. I’ve sent you some amethysts to compensate for your loss. One way to prevent this from happening is to ‘save your game’ manually as often as possible.

Please let me know if it happens to you again.


It’s no worries ^-^
Thank you! I’ll be sure to save constantly haha
If anything funky happens again I’ll let you know straight away

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