Almost nothing I did yesterday saved

I spent a while yesterday doing various things, including maxing out one of my mages skill glyphs, & today they’ve all been rolled back.

The Mage Flame I & Mage Shock I were maxed. I spent a lot of time doing this yesterday morning. Also I put a couple thousand worth of progress in another mage’s magic attack glyph & that’s gone as well.

I knew something was wrong when I opened the game today & had the 4k steps I did yesterday afternoon in my history, with the chests I opened already.

I ALWAYS press the cloud save & do that first throughtout the day whenever I minimize the game or close it at night. I would have done so repeatedly yesterday in the morning & the afternoon. Any time I did anything in game.

Some things did stick that require being saved, like I decided to buy a hero & outfit packages out of the shop. They are still there. The lotto step requirement is 6k bc I bought the 2k & 4k last night. The arena acted like I was just promoted today, but my points from yesterday are still there & the winnings I spent in the arena shop are still spent, as they should be. Actually I have no idea if they were spent properly, I just know they’re not there.

But anything I earned\spent in energy, silver, or crystals is gone. I should have over 7k crystals & much less energy (I think I was down to 2.3m). I had put the fit stones from the hero package into Tesha’s passive skills, they were back in my inventory but I doubt I have the ones I earned. I have NO IDEA whether I have the correct number of pet pieces that I spent all my arena winnings on!


I always save manually to help stop this from happening. :flushed:

You are scaring Rhandar (to the point he’s talking about himself in 3rd person). :flushed::flushed:

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I’ve been manually saving since I started playing this game (from when it went public in the first place, as I played Wokamon & Pocket Plants too. Brand loyalty!) so it’s a totally ingrained habit & has been for ages.


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Also I have the game connected to my google play account (but not facebook, bc I don’t use it) so I don’t know why that’s not backed up correctly.

I hear you. If there exists a condition called OCMSD (obsessive compulsive manual save disorder), then I’ve got it. :grimacing:

I often don’t even need a very good reason to save. I’ll save twice in a row if the first save took too long (don’t trust it). I’ll save twice in a row if I can’t prove to myself that I already saved once (can’t remember it). :grimacing:

I sure hope you are wrong about this bug, but your screenshot of the arena is not taking me to my happy place. It’s taking me to where you must be now, in sympathy. That’s fairly compelling evidence. :grimacing:

I could share a few anecdotal incidences where I thought something was amiss, but I can’t prove it even to myself that it wasn’t my own human error. And, the incidences were very minor. The bigger the incidence, the less proof I’d need. For example, your arena incident is huge. :thinking:

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Mine is backed up to Apple’s Game Center. I also don’t use Facebook.

P.S. I moved this thread to the bug category so more people would see it.

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@Blainemuffin man I hate this kind of bug where partial contents are lost due to a broken connection to your local database. Please give me some time to check up the log and I’ll send the missing resources to you. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience!