Advice for new starter

Recently downlanded and enjoying game so far, however have a couple of questions. They are likely obvious but couldn’t find much info online.

  1. What are plant chips / how do I get them/use them? I’m getting super plants and I have been checking the plant store.

  2. It mentions when you get a super plant piece that it will change to resources when the super plant is at max level, is there any way of finding out the max levels? I like to know a target / have an idea how long each thing will take.

  3. What does recycling a plant get you? Is there any benefit to this? Or is it simply to clear space in your storage?

Many thanks in advance


Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the game!

  1. Are you talking about the ‘universal chips’? You can use them to exchange for any super plant pieces (click any super plant icon and click the redeem button). These pieces appear randomly in the plant shop.

  2. Common super plants have a maximum level of 7, rare ones have a maximum level of 3 and epic ones have a maximum level of 2

  3. Just clear space in your storage.