Advertisements won't close

Normally at the end of a sponsors advertisement an “x” is in the corner of the screen to close the advertisement and return to wokamon but since yesterday the x is not appearing and the only way to return to my wokamon game is to restart my phone. Please give an alternative

Thanks for this, we will further investigate it.

This ad just did the same

This ad just crashed it

Advertisements that play in landscape mode (movie or tv show previews and realistic video game videos) do not give an “x” at the end to close them and require the program to be restarted

This is still an issue, except that some new ads do have an X to close it out. But by doing so the app restarts and you don’t get the reward. Very frustrating


I’m having the same problem as shag1379. I am getting no rewards from videos any more because the app crashes and restarts after I press the X. I’m using the app on Android.


Ya I get the restart when x-ing out too and am pissed as all get out since that’s the main way you get topazes! Not freaking bothering playing until this is fixed, ugh


All good as of yesterday evening, yay! Thanks you :slight_smile:

Still happening

And again only with ads that appear in landscape mode

Still happening with video ads that are shown in landscape mode

I’ve noticed that overall I have to be much more careful pressing the little x to close it. It’s not unusual for me to end up going back and forth between Google Play and Wokamon 5 or 6 times whereas I never used to have a problem closing them the first time. If I get frustrated and press the back button, then the game restarts and I don’t get my reward from it. But it seems like I can press the x and it works right, it’s just gotten a lot more neurotic about having to press it in exactly the right spot in order to get it to work.

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This is the x I was talking about

I can’t get the rewards from the Mobile Strike ad cause the X shows up on the top, behind my swipe down bar thing on my phone.