Advertisements won't close again

The advertisements on wokamon that appear in landscape mode won’t close again (no x to close them see pictures). Forces restart of game


The program is still requiring restart with any advertisements that come up in landscape on the screen. It’s very frustrating through the advertisement expecting to get topaz then get no topaz. Please fix the bug.

@Snigdha_Das sorry to hear that the ad issue comes back. A few questions:

  1. Are you on iOS or Android, and version
  2. When’s the last time the ads are working well for you? (3 days ago?)

We’ll talk to our ad provider immediately and hope they’ll have a stop on this issue.


IOS. Maybe 7-10 days. Can you give me the the topaz I earned?’

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/baf2c15510222fdf154dd555c013f213b52b383a.PNG" width=“690” height=“387”>


It’s bad enough that there are no new wokamon to get and evolve. This bug takes away any remaining reason to play

@Snigdha_Das we’ve tried this on all of our iOS devices and they are working fine. Do you mind to try the following steps and see if it fixes itself?

  1. Try to press the top right corner (even though there’s no x) and see if the button is actually there
  2. Reinstall the game (make sure you’ve saved your progress with a Facebook account)

Also what phone model and iOS version are you using may I ask?


tapping the corner even though there’s no “x” worked. Thank you

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