Advertisements are freezing

Every time there is an option to watch an ad to get rubies, unlock the next order, or get a step bonus, the ad freezes and I’m required to restart the app. Is this bug going to be fixed?

Hi Emeowly,

Can you tell us your game ID, which phone and operation system you are using? Also what country are you from?


I have also been having ads crash or freeze on me all day today.

iPhone 7
IOS 10.0.2

Hi Umichkristl,

Has this happened before or are you experiencing this today for the first time? Do you remember which ads providers for the crashing ads (Unity/Chartboost/Vungle or etc)? And were the ads in landscape or portrait mode?


iPhone 6
Version 10.2.1

Thanks for that! Are you still experiencing the issue these days?