Ads problem again

I swear now it’s getting so annoying, the ads don’t load, when they do I start the focus, by the end of it, they are unavailable again.
I wouldn’t be this insisting, if it was possible to progress in game without ads. The prices are so high, the normal raindrops are too low for them!
Please fix it!

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I’ve got the same problem! I’ve tried clicking it multiple times but nothing works! Since the last update i’ve got a lot in app ads like a pop up but no videos… It’s really annoying bcs the prices are so high!

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Hi @Kaatje, can I please know which country are you from, and are you using iOS or Android? Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Hi @marksprak I’m using the app from the Netherlands on Android.

@Kaatje Are the ads running now? We’ve tweaked the ad inventory yesterday. Please let us know!

Yes it’s working again! Thank you so much!

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