Ads not working properly ios

I have an iPhone XS Max, and any time I watch an ad for topaz, I can’t hit the X to close it out and collect my reward. I get stuck on that screen and watch the ad for nothing because the X is too far up on the screen. Can you please update and fix this?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can you please send us a screenshot so we can check with our ad provider? You can either post it here or send to Thank you for your patience!

The same this is happening to me on iOS on my iPhone 11. The x in the add appears in the top left corner where the time is displayed on my phone. It won’t let me click out of the ad, and I have to force close the app to get out of that screen.

@Erin_Peterson thank you for this. Is this for Wokamon? We’ll talk to our ad provider.

Yes this is for Wokamon.