Ads not working again

Is anyone else having an issue with ads? I have been having this problem since mid-day yesterday:

Crystal pile appears on home screen but clicking on “watch video” just brings me back to the main page, so no chance for bonus crystals.

Videos on battle screen do the same thing, so the only option is to select “ok” with no video for 40 % bonus coins

Hitting “watch video” on Step conversion screen gives me a message that “ads are not ready yet, come back later”

If you tap the watch video button a ton it will suddenly start working. Sounds dumb it it does work for me (and a few others have said the same thing so it works for some others too.) Maybe try that out? Would be great when they can fix it fully but I think they are working on it.

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Hi @Rgdkntr, can you please try to restart your phone, and switch to another network connection? Please let me know if it helps. (Of course please make sure you are with the newest version v1.1.2)