Ads not loading

Hey, i enjoy the game very much but have a serious problem that hinder my progress very much
When i get a box to double my earnings or get topazes it never loads, i wait forever and nothing
I tried to clear ad cache but nothing works

What shall i do?

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Have you tried changing your Internet environment? From WI-FI to 4g, vice versa or from one WI-FI to another WI-FI?

Which country do you live in? Are you on Android or iOS? Are you able to send over a screenshot when it stuck in loading?


I tried to play in my house with my wifi, in the street with 3G/4G but no avail i am just stuck!

I live in Israel and have an iPhone 6s with OS 11
I will - here it is

I can wait forever the box is opened but the ad won’t load and since the box haven’t go away no others will appear unless i close and open the app

I have the same problem here in the US. I’ve tried on/off WiFi. I have apple iOS

What about the ‘Watch Ads’ icon? Can you watch any ads via that section?

No. Once it’s frozen, I have to close the app and start over, however, I miss the opportunity to collect those diamonds or XP points. I have tried to do a reset ads and sometimes, not very often, the “collect” icon will appear after that. But this is like a 10% chance that will work.

Which iPhone and iOS version are you on?

No i can’t - in that situation the screen turns black and nothing ever comes up.

So, can you offer any solutions to the problem?

@Yanivsims we’ve contacted our ad supplier yesterday and normally they’ll reset the cache so you’ll start seeing ads again. Have you tried to ‘clear cache’ in the settings page? Also a reinstall can help but please remember to connect to a Facebook account!

Please let me know.

Thanks i am finally! seeing ads and getting the awards