Ads not loading!

I’ve been a used for past 8 months, but for last 9-10 days, my ads don’t load. They load at very specific time and quantity, at which usually I can’t focus.
Then when I do, there is no ad available to double my raindrops or rainy the whale rate.
At this point, it’s gotten very slow and to water a plant is getting harder.
Please resolve this ASAP as I am really fond of this game in general, and would not want to switch to other focusing apps.!
ID: 82yqp2

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Hi @Fatibaby, thank you for reaching out. There’s a known issue that you’ll have to press the ad button multiple times until it works. We’ve released an update under phased release so please check Google Play if you can update. It will take another 2~3 days before it’s available to all users.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Can u Atleast decrease the waiting hours for plants? Just to wait for a new sprout it takes 42 hours now? Without ads loading, how am I supposed to continue in game?

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Apologizes for the late reply. The team is working on a tight deadline for Focus Quest.

I’ve just received a reply from you in another post so that means you are still having issues loading video ads? Can I please ask which country are you from and are you using iOS or Android?

In regarding the waiting time, we’ve already planned for an additional feature to reduce them please stay tuned!

Again, sorry for any inconvenience caused!

I’m from Pakistan, and this issue has been going on for 2-3 weeks, tried changing internet, cities, no relief. I am using iOS

@Fatibaby Are the ads running now? We’ve tweaked the ad inventory yesterday. Please let us know!

Yesss!!! Thankyouu! Cant wait for social mode now!! Or some sort of collab pomodoros!! Also please increase extra rewards for pomodoros, I love this app so much and already have a lot of my irl friends come over to it☺️

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