Add a Friend! And share your ID!

Share your friend ID and feel free to add mine

ID: b86q7x

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ive added you :smiley: hi first friend!

my id: bpp7ex

Hi Ellie! :slight_smile: finally someone responds lol, wish the forums were more active. Even better a discord server!

i agree! maybe even a subreddit :laughing:

hello! here is my id

Hey I’ve added you! I’ve been focusing since last month and i love it
My player id is: 5mv7q3

Add me please bqx4z5 thank you

What do having friends do? I can’t find any patch notes or anything.

What’s the point of a group? There is a tiny chance to get sunshine and that’s it? I hope lvl 2 and 3 are better because a tiny chance for a tiny amount of sun is not appealing.

Hi! I have a group called 1944 and we really need more people!
b6zg6b This is my ID for focus plants


I live in Perth Western Australia.

Hello there, i have added you! :smile:
I’ve never been to a forum before so i am kinda lost hahah :sweat_smile:

Greetings from Brazil !
my ID: 54mdne

my ID: ddjm27
Can someone add me to the group, I usually focus at least 1 hour every day

I’m looking for new friends so add me if ur interested.
ID 9px9dv

Helu!! im tamako! Heres my id : qwej7m and i made a group called KEROKERO! looking forward to be friends with study orientated people :slight_smile:

Hello, my ID is kyq4gq. Looking forward to gaining more friends to study with : )

Hello guys, here is a Malaysia Form 6 students, start focus plant from January, created my own group and ranking within 200 now, wish to have more active friend so we can effort together, here is my id:qg73n9, wish to meet you soon

Hi, here’s my ID: r6qqz7

Hoi :dog:
ID: rzpwjp :frog:
Hope hear you soon

Heyyo My id is


Yogurt hyeeee yoo can ya add me as your friend