Add a Friend! And share your ID!


Share your friend ID and feel free to add mine

ID: b86q7x


ive added you :smiley: hi first friend!

my id: bpp7ex


Hi Ellie! :slight_smile: finally someone responds lol, wish the forums were more active. Even better a discord server!


i agree! maybe even a subreddit :laughing:


hello! here is my id


Hey I’ve added you! I’ve been focusing since last month and i love it
My player id is: 5mv7q3


Add me please bqx4z5 thank you


What do having friends do? I can’t find any patch notes or anything.

What’s the point of a group? There is a tiny chance to get sunshine and that’s it? I hope lvl 2 and 3 are better because a tiny chance for a tiny amount of sun is not appealing.