Ad Rewards- mixed results when accepting ads

Lately when it gives me ads and I watch the videos sometimes the videos won’t come up and the game rewards me, sometimes it won’t allow me to watch the video and only allows me to hit the do not watch button, and sometimes I watch the video and I don’t get the reward. Most recently the rate us ad popped up for 200 topaz’s and I rated and left a comment but no link for accepting 200 topaz’s or any other reward appeared.

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@Ashelt0 thank you for reporting the issue. The 200 topaz comment reward is added to your account automatically.

In terms of ads, are you with iOS or Android? We’ll need to contact our ad provider so they can reset on their end

I have an android device.

@Ashelt0 thank you, please try again in a few hours and let us know if it doesn’t work.

I am having the same issues. I have restarted the app, and restarted my phone. Sometimes I get the ad but don’t receive the reward. Sometimes the issues are the same as OP’s.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can you please send a video capture or screenshot of the problematic ads to So we can forward it to our ad provider.

I paid for premium so now I have zero problems ads, lol. Can’t screenshot the issue anymore, however.

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