AD Freezes Game


Hello! I need help. I am on Fitness RPG in California, USA. There is a spin game ad that crashes the game every single time it loads. You can watch the whole add but not exit (press X) to get back to the game. It never works. You are then forced to restart and I’ve lost a lot of Stamina/Diamonds without ad compensation. My Character - Calliope user id is pqpwbj in Server Pump Garden. I have included a screenshot of the broken AD.


The error has occurred 7 more times since my last message. I am losing diamonds, energy, and stamina. Please help.


@marspark I am using an iPhone. Hope you see this.


Hi, thank you for reaching out. I’ve sent the problematic ads to our ad provider and hope they’ll block it soon. Please let us know in 2~3 days whether the ads are still there. I’ve also sent over some crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through.


I just got this ad again and it is still freezing the app. I am also using an iPhone.


Hi @Julestoo, thank you for reaching out. Can you please send us a screenshot? Are you using iOS or Android?


Sorry for not being clearer. It is the same ad that EvaMarieville used at the start of this thread. It is a Jackpot/spin game and after viewing your discussion I did not see it for a few weeks but it was back up this morning. I am using IOS.