Acticity sync in PocketPlants

Loving the beta so far :slight_smile: But I need Energy, and that made me wonder:
Which trackers and services will PocketsPlants support for syncing steps?
Will it be the same as Wokamon?

Hi Nanna, we are glad you enjoy the game :smiley: At the moment, we support iPhone’s build-in pedometer. Fitbit integration is under development, this should take about 2-4 weeks and we will issue an update as soon as the development is done. Other tracking options will considered post global launch base on demands.

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Really hope Apple health is near the top of the list.

Is there any way to sync your activity while still playing the game? I’m having to close or reload the game to get energy from activity.

The game is not letting me sync. When I try to connect it says connection failed but displays a green check mark and doesn’t let me retry. I’m unable to get any energy. I have tried both restarting and reloading the game onto my iPhone and neither has worked

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Hi Dana

Which iPhone model are you using to play Pocket Plants?

Temporarily we only support iPhone later than 5S which have M7/M8/M9 motion coprocessor.

Hello again :grinning:
Just thought I’d check in to ask how the integration of Fitbit sync is going? Since I have not received any updates to the app. I hope development is going well :blush: And thank you for a wonderful beta so far :smiley:

Hi Nanna,

Firstly my apologizes for the delay of the release. The Fitbit integration has already been done but we are still fixing a few issues with the new build. Will release it once we are happy with everything and you’ll be notified through email.

Again thank you for your support and patience, we are really appreciated!


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