Account transfer new phone help

My game Id: en6y95 is my main account that i have on my old phone, i have a ton of progress and am at level 48. This is on android. My new phone (ios) i tried to download the app and it tried to create a new account (ID: y29jqb). I tried to use facebook to get my old account on my new phone back but it just sits there and buffers. I cant seem to get it by the striving account either. My focus plant app (ID:zwmv6r) downloaded and appeared on my new phone perfectly. Is there any way i can get focus quest to do the same as i dont want to lose me progress. Thank you

Hi, thank you for reaching out. en6y95 is connected to a Striving account which is logged in via Google, can you please try the following?

  1. Download Striving, and login with your Google account
  2. Go back to Focus Quest → settings → account → connect to Striving

Please let us know if it helps.


Hi, Striving doesn’t give me the option to login Via a google account, it only shows facebook or email login, and it says my gmail linked to my google account is not registered

Hi @Shrjene, I missed that you are now on iOS, in this case, you’ll need to

  1. on your old phone, logout your current Striving account
  2. create a new account with email
  3. disconnect Striving in Focus Quest, then connect again to your new Striving account
  4. go to your new phone, login Striving with your email address, then go back to Focus Quest and connect again


It worked!!! You’re a Gem! I cannot thank you enough, thank you for helping out and ur amazing apps keeping me in line with my degree

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