Account Banned? :’(

Hello hello

I would like to find out why is my account being banned? It was fine earlier except for the occasional frozen screens (the last couple of days) Sadness in the air :’(

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. How is it now?

I just found that my account has also been banned and I don’t understand why.

Yes, am able to logged in now! :slight_smile: and started catching up on my missed rubies and amethyst collection due to the logged out .

Thank you very much for your swift reply! May I asked wh
at happened? A technically glitch?

Sorry @nik, the account should OK now.

We had some technical issues with the anti-cheat system and it was picking up some accounts by error. We patched a fix however a minority of players are still affected. We are looking into the issue now and hopefully fix it permanently.

Thank you for your patience with us!

It is, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This happened to me, too.


Hi @Scrappy sorry for the late reply. I’ve unlocked your account and sent some rubies for the trouble you’ve gone through. Thank you for your patience!


Thanks! Looks good now.