Account Banned 🙁


I was saving my game. The next moment, this screen popped up.

I enjoy playing Pocket Plants. Hope to hear from your soon. Thank you!

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Sorry for the delayed reply. Were you in our Pocket Plant beta test group? If yes, can I please grab your name?

No worries. Thank you for replying, Shikudo. Appreciate it.

I can’t remember if I was part of the beta test group. I’ve been playing since 2016, if not mistaken. My game ID name is DL.


I’ve looked into your account. It was created before the game went global, this mean you were in the beta testing group. Due to the change of codes, some beta testers might encounter the banning issue. I’ve lifted the ban. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused. A compensation pack has been sent to your account (via game message).

Please let me know if you still have any issues accessing the game.


Hi Ally,

Thank you for making time to solve this issue while I understand that you’re handling and helping a few games simultaneously . Truly appreciate your effort. You made my birthday extra special.

I was joking with my friend on how much amethyst I’ve been losing for being stuck out of the game. Your compensation pack was what I needed to advance.

Thank you! Have a wonderful day ahead. I’m excited to hear more updates in the coming future. We’re all here supporting your teams’ effort!


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Thanks for your understanding and support! And happy belated birthday!:tada:


I just received the same banned notice and I was not part of the Beta group. Please help. I believe my name is GG2010. It happened right after I downloaded Fitness fantasy.

@Maria, the account is unbanned now, please check the other post.

Thanks so much! You guys rock!