Accessories gone by itself

All of my accessories actually by itself. 13 wokamons’ accessories included some of them by lottery. Any idea how to solve this?


Sorry to know you are having issues with Wokamon.

Could you manually save the game on your side to upload your current data to server? We’ll further investigate the issue once the data is uploaded.


Yes I’ve saved the game manually and the user name for my wokamon is 霖嘉 Sorry that it’s in chinese I hope that you could solve this problem asap

No worries, we are a team from Shanghai. We are investigating the issue and will get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

Okay please be asap I’m hoping to play a normal progress soon

Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

We are having issues reproducing the issue on our side. We are planning to create a new game data to transfer it to your account. Could you tell us how many golden accessories (the ones you unlock and upgrade using topazes) did you have for those 13 Wokamons and roughly how many level were they at? Once we get the information from you, we’ll organise the new data from there.